Wednesday, August 6, 2014

There Are Days Where You Just Have to Be Brave

 There are days where you just have to be brave. You have to face things you’d rather run away from. Head on.

There are days where you just have to swallow your pride and head into the storm, knowing that the wind and rains will beat against you. Sometimes you’re prepared – other times not, but travel on, you must.

There are days where you have to wipe away the tears and keep going, even though you’d rather collapse on your bed and let the tears wrack your body.

There are those days.

And when we are living in the moment of those days – it seems as if the sun will never come out again. A smile is so far from our lips and laughter only echoes in our hearts and minds. Life seems tough, cruel, unfair, and lopsided. We can feel alone and our fight seems eternal.

Those are the days where you have to be brave, courageous and strong. Draw upon your roots, your faith, and the love you have in your life. Let them fuel you and comfort you.

We all have those days. The days that seem like they are 72 hours long. The days where you wonder if there is any way to escape the challenge you face, unscathed. You want to win and defeat the enemy – whether that be a circumstance, or a person. Yet you can feel so weak and frail.

Call upon your courage, frail one. Call upon your Lord. You CAN overcome. You CAN defeat this challenge. You CAN be victorious! There is a door that you can walk through.

Just be patient.

We all have our battles to face. We all have to find out what we’re made of. We all need to walk through certain things alone. But you can do it. One step at a time. One prayer at a time. One breath at a time.

Be brave. Be a warrior. You have it in you.

Walk through the storm. The sun WILL shine again and it will be warmer, sweeter, and brighter than ever before because of you what you have gone through.

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