Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When We Are Too Comfortable in the "Wait"

Sometimes, there just needs to be a change. An “action point” that needs to happen in a life. There are moments in time where there should be no more planning, no more thinking and stewing, no more putting things off…. But a time to make a choice.

We can get so caught up in what we want, that we end up wasting time hoping for perfect answers. We often know where we will end up, where we SHOULD end up, but we don’t want to see reality. We don’t want to acknowledge that that’s the path we need to go on.

We are too comfortable in the “wait.”

For most people, the “wait” can seem like an eternity. We grow impatient and we feel like answers will never come. But for others of us, the “wait” becomes a friend. We kind of grow to like it there and we feel happy. We don’t really want the work that we know is coming our way. We don’t welcome the stretching, molding, and pulling that we know will happen when we have to go to the other side of the “wait.” We just kind of would rather sit in the middle. Happily.

But that’s ignoring reality.  We can’t expect to be treated like an adult, yet still want the privileges and lack of responsibility that a child has. We can’t rely on others to support us and carry us along in life. We need to pick up the slack, find our own way and course, and become a responsible and independent person. Whether that is about moving on after college, after a failed relationship, through a change in careers, or whatever.

We need to move on to something. Something positive that will move us forward. Grow us.

When we sit in the “wait” of life, we waste time, and we waste opportunities. Both of which are priceless.

God DOES work in situations. He does prepare people and situations for us. But we also need to do our part and get our feet moving.

Make that choice. Move forward. It’s the biggest favor you can give yourself.

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