Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sometimes We Rely On the Wrong Things

Sometimes we rely on the wrong things.

We get to where we don’t know what we’d do without that certain person in our life.

We rely on the salary that our job is producing.

We get into a habit of thinking that someone will come through for us if we don’t plan accordingly.

We rely on having certain things always available to us.

We get ‘lost’ when these things change, or are taken away. We don’t know how to function, or what to do.

Navigating changes in life is normal. But it can really throw us for a loop when we’ve come to rely on that person or thing so much, that we don’t know how to live any differently.

It’s never healthy when we let one person or one thing in life fill us up completely.  It’s important that we do what we enjoy, and that we seek to be happy – yes. But allowing someone or something else to have that much of a hold on us is dangerous indeed.

Only God can fill us up completely. Only God doesn’t change.  And with Him, we will never feel ‘lost.’

I think it’s always good when I look back and see how I’ve taken something in my life for granted. Whether it was a working dishwasher, having two cars, or simply having enough $ to buy what we need. Whenever something comes up to take away one of these things (or something else,) it shows me how much I rely on it. It brings perspective into my every day, and how I go about it.

I want to be able to count on certain things in my life. But I don’t ever want to rely on them so much, that should they be taken away, that I am destroyed.  For I want to know my own mind, my own heart and soul, and my own abilities DESPITE what (or who) is or isn’t in my life.

And with God, I can handle all things. For it is from Him that I get my strength.

And it is ON Him only, that I want to rely.

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