Sunday, July 26, 2015

You Don't Need To Pray About Everything

“I’ll pray about it and then get back to you.”

“I need to pray about it, first.”

These are things we hear when we ask someone to make a commitment. These are things we say.

Sometimes, these words are the exact right approach and answer.  We should pray about big commitments on our time, or lengthy commitments. We should pray about something that we are not quite sure if God has called us to do, or not. We should pray when we feel unsettled about saying ‘yes,’ and we should pray when God has specifically placed something on our heart – but it hasn’t come about.

Prayer is important. It’s powerful.

But there are times when we don’t really need to pray first.

There are times when we know we should say ‘yes.’ However hesitant we may be, we know God is asking it of us.

There are times, when we can fill a need. We have the gift needed, the money needed, or the tools needed. There is no need to pray. There is simply a need to jump in with action and give of ourselves on behalf of the Lord.

I think we shouldn’t delay doing good things at times. We don’t need to pray about giving a hungry person food. We don’t need to pray about letting a hurting person come over to talk. We don’t need to pray about whether or not we should send someone an encouraging note.

We should.

There are things that we should quickly and heartily do in life – without having to pray about them, first. We should be generous people, gentle people, loving, kind, and caring.  If we have something to give, something to help someone else, we should give it. Quickly. Lovingly.

Prayer is an important part of our lives; there is no doubt. But sometimes we can use it simply as an excuse to delay doing something that we need to do.

Loving others is a command. There is no need to pray about that. So if we have a chance to show that love – we should immediately step in without any doubts.

Without any prayer.

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