Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It Wasn't a Gift I Wanted

We’ve all gotten those gifts that we don’t like. Maybe we found the gift ugly, it didn’t fit our personality, we couldn’t use it, or we already had one. The reasons are as varied as gifts themselves. Regardless, it can be an awkward situation to be in.

I have seen people react in many different ways when they receive something they don’t want or need. I’ve seen people blatantly tell the giver they already have one. I’ve seen people comment openly about not being sure what to do with it, and I’ve seen people be gracious and not say anything at all about what they are truly feeling.

I’ve gotten gifts that I don’t really want. I’ve given gifts to people that I end up seeing that THEY don’t really want! Neither is fun. But I think how you handle the situation is more important than the gift itself – for it shows how much you care about the other person and your relationship.

I, for one, HATE, HATE, HATE returning things. So I will avoid returning gifts to a store if at all possible. I usually try to find some way of using the gift if I can. If it’s just really not “me” at all, yes, I have “regifted” something to someone else before. I don’t think that’s a wrong thing to do.  You see, when someone gives a gift, they are giving you love. It is a blessing for them to give, and a blessing for you to receive. They still receive that blessing if I graciously accept the gift. If I refuse it, or reject it in any way, they DON’T receive that blessing! So, if I later “regift” something that is perfectly new and will bring joy to someone else – I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. As long as the giver is not notified so that they still reap the benefit of being a blessing to me.  I never want to hurt someone else’s feelings!

I’ve had a gift returned to me before. Someone couldn’t use something and they wanted me to be able to give it to someone else who could use it more than they. It stole the blessing I was trying to give to them. I would much rather have had them say a polite ‘thank you,’ and give it as a gift to someone else down the road than to return it to me. For it felt rejected. My efforts felt rejected. And that is never fun.

We need to see past the gifts sometimes into the efforts that someone made to give the gift. It is the effort that is the most important! It truly is the thought that counts, and some people put great, great thought into their gifts. You can feel it. You know it. And it means a great deal and shows how much care they put into giving you a gift of happiness.

Gifts aren’t just “things.” They are pieces of someone’s heart. Take great care when you give one – and when you receive one. For a piece of someone’s heart should always be held with appreciation and love.

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