Sunday, May 1, 2016

But, I Can't Pray For EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming…. The needs out there. Constant requests on facebook for prayer. Constant streaming news clips of a world gone bad.

People so obviously need our prayer. The world SO OBVIOUSLY needs our prayer.

But what do you do, when you just can’t pray for it all? I mean, if I prayed for every need I saw, I’d never get to living my own life! The needs. Are. Great.

Sometimes it can be easy to feel guilty. When I see people asking us to fast and pray for things going on in the world that I truly want to see God’s hand in. I may be very saddened by what is going on, and I may be opposed to what is going on just like everyone else. But I can’t pray for it ALL.

God moves on our behalf, so I deeply believe He wants to hear our prayers. No prayers – no movement. Now just because one person can’t pray for every need out there, doesn’t mean that one person can’t pray for a lot of needs out there. I can pray for whatever is brought to my attention and brought to my heart and mind. If I feel moved and led to do so, I can pray for a longer period of time over an issue. If not, I can pray for a few minutes. But I’m still praying. I’m still asking God to change, move, and intervene in someone’s life or situation.

And it still matters.

When I can’t sleep at night, sometimes I just start rattling off prayers. I pray for anything and everything that comes to my mind. I pray for our political leaders, things going on in the news, and more. I pray for people by name. If we all did this, that would probably just about cover all the needs in the world. Right? Because, we all know someone else. And we all have things brought to our attention.

So, even though one person may not be able to pray for everyone and everything – together – all of us – CAN.

We don’t need to feel overwhelmed. We simply need to move on behalf of the people that God directs us to.

For there will always be needs.

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