Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fight For What's Right

Growing up, we were always told to “be nice.” “Play fair.”  “Say you’re sorry.” We were taught to include others, and to be respectful.

But I think oftentimes as parents, (me included), we forget to tell our children to fight for what’s right. To defend the weak.  To stand up for yourself.

We can very easily tap into the “be nice” mode – especially as Christians. But how easily do we tap into the warrior part of us? The part that has a passionate fire burning inside, against injustice, evil, or bullies?  We need to be able to be equipped, and TO equip our children, to be soldiers. Moral fighters.

We love to evade the fight. Most of us hate confrontation. And we certainly shouldn’t engage in battle on every circumstance. But we do need to engage in some battles.

There are those out there, who are thirsty for our blood. For our children’s blood. Satan is on the prowl and he loves the fact that we emphasize “niceness” in our lives.

Sometimes, life calls for a war. It calls for a little “fire” in our bellies.

We can fight with a moral justice inside of us. We can fight for what’s right and decent. And the next generation needs to see that there are courageous, brave men and women out there, who are ready to be bold and fight for those who are weaker, or those who can’t find their voices.

I think the world needs more warriors.  More soldiers ready to battle for the good of mankind. For the good of our souls.

The world needs soldiers who are on alert.

We can be honorable, just, and wise – and still be soldiers and warriors. We can be kind and decent, and still be courageous and brave.

The world needs honor. It needs justice. It craves leadership.

The fight will often come to us, and to our homes; even if we don’t want it to. Even if we hate confrontation, and don’t want to engage in the war and battle going on, for our morality. It will still come.

It’s up to us, to be ready. To be willing to fight for the future of our souls. Our children’s souls.

Will you be that one? Will you teach your children to stand strong?

This is the time. This is the fight. The fight for our very lives.

How will we choose to live through it?

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