Friday, September 23, 2016

Are You With Me?

Are you with me, when I act like a goofball? Will you still love me when I gain weight?

Are you with me, when I accidentally rip your favorite shirt? Are you still proud of who I am, when I cry ugly tears at a movie?

I can be needier than I should be, at times. 

I can overreact.

I can have bad breath after eating a huge burger with onions.

I am not perfect. But I love life.  Sometimes this may mean that I try to dance to my favorite tunes or belt them out loud in the car.  I might forget to vacuum and dust the house, because I got caught up in something fun. And I may want to hug you too many times in public, because I am just – so – proud – of – you.

Are you still with me in this thing called life?

Will you still be my friend? Even on my bad days when I get irritated easily?

Will you still love me as my spouse? Even when I don’t look my best?

Will you love me, my child? Even if I embarrass you in front of your friends?

Everyone needs people in their life who are with them through thick and thin. People who laugh at the dorky moments of life, cry together over the heartbreaks, and weave a story of ups and downs together.

Everyone needs someone who they know won’t abandon them when the going gets tough. When the ground gets rocky. Or when the ship starts tossing on the seas.

Everyone needs someone to believe in them.  Someone to love them, and see past the outward – into the inward.

Are you that person? Are you with your friend….. your spouse….  Your child…. Your siblings….. for life? Not because you HAVE to, but because you WANT to?

That’s what people are asking.  They are asking, “Are you still with me?”

How about it?

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