Friday, September 16, 2016

Wise Words Come From Those Who Have Known Deep Pain

Some of the wisest words you will ever hear, are from those who have known deep pain.

Those who have embraced God’s grace – His mercy, and have come out on the other side with humility at being alive…… they have great stories. They have great testimonies.

And they have great wisdom.

Sometimes we listen to those who have been dealt many hardships and blows in life; yet they don’t have the wisdom and insight we need. Because they are still bitter. They are still pained.  They are still IN the fight – even though the fight really ended years ago.

It’s only the victors of pain; those with tender tales, who have the most loving and hard-earned pieces of advice. Advice we should heed.

They are true warriors. True heroes. They don’t see themselves this way, of course. And it’s precisely why they are leaders. Leaders of overcoming,; of winning the battle against hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, and great, great pain.

Tough battles are faced among most of us. Only a few, know how to take what blows they are dealt, and use them to make them stronger, instead of weaker.

Deep sorrow is a part of life. It takes strong faith, to press in to God, and not let it overtake you. 

Tears will fall. Things may be kicked. Yelled at. But still, there are those who trust God enough to let Him reveal the joy, blessings, peace, and Holy purpose that can be found in the deep crevices of life.

God is ultimately a refuge and strength.  Trust those who have seen that up close and leaned into it with all they have. Trust those who did not let the battles of life beat them so much that they gave in to the battle itself, even after it was over.

There is great wisdom to be had in letting these soldiers love on you, advise you, and help you.  Listen to them.

God placed them there for you.

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