Friday, September 2, 2016

There Is No Place In My Soul....Where God Is Not

There is no place in my soul, no corner of my character, where God is not. -Evelyn Underhill

I saw this quote recently on someone’s twitter profile. I immediately added it to my blog page, on my sidebar.

Everything in me wanted to shout, “‘YES!’ That is how I feel!!”

I am a fan of ‘Survivor.’ Have been, for years. I think mainly, it’s because I love to watch people, and learn from them. But I have always been disturbed by how easy it is for people to lie and deceive ….whether it’s in the name of a game, or not.

People do say, “It’s just a game.” But, as Evelyn Underhill says… “There is no place in my soul, nor corner of my character, where God is not.” So, if I’m playing a game, God is in me, as I play that game.

I will not cheat in a game because God is still in my soul, and in my character as I play out that game. It’s still ME playing that game. Whether it’s a game or not. It’s still my values, my reputation, my word – at risk.

And so that is why my heart leapt and shouted when I saw this quote. I resonate so wholeheartedly with it.

Everything I am, everything I do, comes from what I believe about God.  The actions I take, the words I say… they are outward appearances to others, of a heart and soul that is sold out to the Lord.

No, I am not perfect. I make loads of missteps. I stumble often. But the core of who I am, strives intentionally to live with God as the focus, priority, and leader of my soul and the character that I live with.

We should never compromise who we are, even if we feel it’s only temporary. Those choices, too, reflect our character.

I pray any stone unturned in my life, my home, my relationships, and most of all, my heart – will always show God existing there. 

May I never forget, or abandon Him.

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