Monday, July 23, 2012

And Yet We Still Ask For More

How soon we forget. We are a people that are so quick to forget what the Lord has done for us. In the moment, we are blessed, thankful, and even humble. But then time goes on and we resume our life – one that is focused and central on “us.” And we forget.

We forget everything that God did for us. We forget His grace and mercy handed down to us in that moment when we should have received a different outcome. We forget all the times He has rescued us. Intervened. Given us something simply because He could.

So we come to today – right now. And we ask for more.  We ask for more as if He has never done anything for us. We tend to whine and gripe and complain wondering why He doesn’t answer us. But what we really mean is, “why doesn’t He answer us with a ‘yes?’”

If God never did one more thing for us in our lives, He still would have done EVERYTHING for us by dying on the cross and saving us from an eternity in hell. He doesn’t have to do one more thing for us because He’s already done more than any one of us could ever comprehend. Something that none of us would step up to the plate to do – and even if we did – we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what He did. Salvation.

So, yes. I still ask God for things. I still want His intervention and His divine hand to come down and pardon me. Rescue me. Spare me. Heal me. And that’s okay. As long as I remember what He’s already done for me.  

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