Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sight Seeing Along the Way

We are slowly making our long trek home.  We left Canada on Monday and the past couple of days have gone through Michigan, Ohio and Iowa.

We cancelled our motel reservations for Tuesday night and drove almost three hours further up the road to minimize our drive time for Wednesday.  So we were able to take our time heading out this morning, which was nice. We were also able to steer off the main highway as our mood saw fit --- and it did a couple of times.

We went through Madison County and saw some signs for covered bridges so we stopped by a couple. Pretty cool! We also ended up driving by John Wayne’s birthplace.

Then we veered off the road to see a tree that is in the middle of the road. They just built the road around it! That was fun.  I touched the big old tree and was thinking about how old it must be. (My dad – a former timber manager, would be so proud!) I looked up at it and said, “How old are you big guy?” And my girls thought it was hysterical. My daughter said, “Are you talking to the tree?”  Yes, yes, I was, girls.

Anyways, a little further up the road in Iowa, we had planned to stop and see the only working Danish windmill in the U.S. I thought it would be pretty cool. Imagine our disappointment when we got there to see men working on the windmill! We could barely get a picture without them on the sides of it and it wasn’t “working.” Pooh! We all lamented about it and wondered why they couldn’t pick a better time to work on it like early morning???  Especially when there were quite a few signs off the freeway advertising it.

Oh well. I do think we discovered the shortest phone booth, though! HA HA

So – now we are driving through Nebraska. Getting closer to home; which brings bittersweet feelings. 

Yes, definitely bittersweet feelings.

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