Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How Do You Keep a Life Exciting?

The older I get (and I have to keep telling myself I’m not that old yet), the more I see myself living life in a certain sense of rhythm or pattern. It’s unintentional. It just happens. You get married, have kids, they enter school, you or your husband has a job, church – then sports activities get added into the mix, etc. A pattern of living life.

A pattern of living life is not a bad thing. Many people find security in it. I find security in some of it. But I also see the quest on many people’s part to rediscover excitement and adventure. After all, changing a diaper can be an adventure – but it’s not exactly what we’d refer to as excitement! 

Life can grow to be mundane. Predictable.

I think this is why in middle age; many of us have what people call a “mid-life” crisis. We see where we’ve been and we don’t want to head on the same standard path. We want some excitement thrown into our lives!

So the question then begs to be asked, “How DO you keep a life exciting?”

I don’t have the most perfect answer to that question. But I do have an answer. I think “change” is what keeps a life exciting. And that’s the very thing that scares a lot of us. But it works.

Change adds excitement to a life. When you move; the new home and the new neighborhood – they are exciting. When you get a new job; the new job is fresh and exciting. A new town has exciting people and restaurants. It’s all change.

So from my perspective and from where I sit; changing things up in your life is what keeps a life exciting.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut or growing blue with the “same-o-same-o” in your life – try switching things up a bit. Change your daily schedule. Change what you do. Go to a new hairdresser or a different restaurant. Try adding a new hobby into your life or volunteer somewhere. You can go big or small. You can change big things like a home, career, or city. You can change smaller things like a car, furniture arrangement, or hairstyle.

But change SOMETHING.  We only get one life. And sometimes we make our lives too small by staying in the “same.” For some of us, that’s perfect. That’s how we were built. We like “same.” For others of us, we need change to spice up our lives and give us something to hope for or get excited about from time to time.

Some changes are temporary of course and others are permanent. Some changes leave lasting effects of spark and excitement in our lives, while others are only fleeting. Sometimes we are often even surprised at what it is that adds motivation and inspiration with longevity into our days.

Change isn’t as terrifying as everyone thinks it is. Especially when it’s you making the decision to do something instead of having it forced upon you. It can be refreshing and yes….exciting.

Sometimes all we need is a little push to make a decision or change that is much needed.

So go for it. You can start as small or as big as you want to. Just make sure it’s a positive move for your life. Then watch the electricity of the excitement it adds flow through your heart.

Life IS exciting. Now go rediscover it.

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