Monday, July 9, 2012

Detours and Niagara

We spent Saturday night in Vermont. It was a cute little town – although I don’t remember the name. Very hilly and on Sunday morning when we left, we saw quite a few people walking and jogging.

Sunday seemed to be the “day of detours.” It started just a short distance from our motel. We were to take the scenic route to Canada but a covered bridge was closed off and so our GPS just didn’t really know how to handle that. She (our GPS voice), took us up and around this big hill back to the same exact bridge. We did not know how to cross the river so we finally pulled over and a jogger who had seen us on the road below offered her help (because it was so apparent we were lost!) She told us how to go down about 3 miles and get to another junction to get out of town.

Later on in the day, we were going through another small town and a fire truck was blocking the main road not letting any cars through. Again, our GPS did not know what to do because she just kept rerouting us back to the road we could not go on. So we pulled over at a country Baptist church and asked for help. Again, nice strangers guided us out of town!

I saw about 3 wild turkeys, a fox, and a couple of deer on this day.  Although even though we saw “moose crossing” and “horse crossing” signs – alas, I was so bummed to not see either. Especially the moose as I had my camera ready.

But, due to the two rerouting incidents, which cost us hours of time, we were not able to stop at some of our quaint little roadside stops that we thought we might be able to.

We arrived in Canada just before 5pm and discovered long lines of cars waiting to go across the bridge to Niagara Falls. We were in the line about 45 minutes but finally got through. We were all bummed later to discover that they didn’t even stamp “Canada” on our passports! But I guess we could count ourselves lucky. The guy at our motel said sometimes on holidays like the 4th of July, the line of cars have to wait 4 hours to get through customs! How miserable that would be!

We spent the night at a beautiful motel that had a stunning view of Niagara Falls. The first thing I saw when walking into my room was the falls and a rainbow. So gorgeous.  And that night they had a fireworks show that we got to watch from our room window. Pretty cool!

We walked around a bit on Monday morning, snapped some photos, and then packed up and headed out of town.  Not even in town 24 hours.

But it’s time to start heading home.

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