Sunday, July 29, 2012

God Can Work With You

I was reading someone’s blog one day when I ran across a comment that just stood alone on the page in front of me. She said, “God accomplishes His will either way.”


God accomplishes His will whether I work with Him or against Him. Have you ever thought about that? Sometimes I feel like I’m a stumbling block to God. But I’m making God far smaller than He is when I think that way. NOTHING is a stumbling block to God – not my pride, not my hard-headedness, not my pity or loathing, nothing. God can work with my life and in my life no matter what choices I make along the way. He can work with it.

That’s strangely reassuring to me because there are so many times where I double-guess myself and wonder if I took the wrong route or if God really intended for me to be on the road that I am on. I forget to see that my God is bigger than my life. I fail to see that nothing hinders Him. If God has an agenda with me – believe it or not – He WILL accomplish that agenda! He WILL get a certain message across to me if that is His intention and He WILL direct my paths whether I want them directed or not! Because He is God.

There is no need to doubt or beat myself up about messing things up. My life or your life will never be a total loss because God can work with it. Sure, sometimes we may make things harder on ourselves, but I don’t believe we make them harder for God. He simply shapes and molds us in different ways and at different times because of our own choices.

If you feel like you are a lost cause at times – don’t. If you wonder if God can do anything through you – YES, He can.  He wants to accomplish His will in my life and in your life.  Why not work with Him instead of against Him? 

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