Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do I Even Dare?

All those dreams. Wishes. Longings of the heart.

At times it can seem like they will never happen. Never come to pass. It can be so easy to give up on them. Quit. Abandon what our heart truly desires.

But then…in a way….we abandon who God has created us to be.

There are moments in time where I feel weak, doubtful, and lost. And I wonder….do I even dare to hope? Dare to risk?

What if I fail? What if it all turns out horribly? What if everyone tells me, “I told you so?”

But sometimes you just got to go for it anyways. Dare to dream the impossible dream. Hope despite the odds.  For it makes you feel alive. Inspired. Motivated. Whole.

So, yes. The answer is yes. Dare! Dare again! Dare to try. Dare to wish.

Dare to dream.

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