Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's Ok To Want "More" For Our Lives

I go through seasons and phases in my life where I’m unsatisfied with where I’m at. I want “more.”  I want more for my family and I want more for me.

Do you ever feel that way?

It’s not easy to put into words what it feels like when these moments of time come for me. Nothing may be wrong with my life. I just feel this need to move on to something “more.”

Don’t get me wrong. That something “more” may not always mean a new location. It might mean a “new” anything. Yes, sometimes a new location. Sometimes a new church, a new school for my kids, a new job, a new neighborhood, new friendships – but it usually means something in my life is coming to an end and making room for something new and different.

I’m not referring to greed. Greed wants a different kind of “more.” The kind that is there for image and esteem. The kind of “more” I’m referring to is deeper, and more intense. It’s a God-kind-of-more. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s as if the Lord is pulling me to a new path, a new calling (or challenge as the case may be.)

I think it’s ok to want more for our lives. We shouldn’t ever settle. We shouldn’t feel content in mediocrity or going through the motions from day to day. We SHOULD desire “more.” For God has so much more to show us!

When I desire that something “more” it’s a hunger that just can’t be squelched. Only God can feed me. Only He can show me what direction He’s trying to point me in. Only He can satisfy.

I’m not sure we are ever meant to be in the same position forever. I think it’s too easy to stop growing when we stay where we’ve always been. God often led men and women in the Bible to new lands – new causes. Why should we expect any differently?


Unknown said...

I'm there. That place of wanting more. It is also a God more. Him gently urging, helping, leading. Enjoying your blog:)

Dionna said...

Hi Candace! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a minute to leave a comment!

May your heart be filled with "More" of Him so very, very soon. :)