Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Are You Merely Saved, Or Are You "Sold Out" For God?

Being a Christian. It’s a title so many of us claim.  We use it when asked to check a certain box on a form or when asked about our faith. But does it go further with us? Does it go deeper?

I have been saved since I was 5 years old.  Saved. To me that means that I asked Jesus into my heart to save me from my sins. It means that I believe He came to earth and died on the cross for me to save me from eternal damnation in hell. It means I’m going to heaven.

But my faith means more to me than that. It means more to me than simply being saved.

It means being “sold out.” 

It means that in all my decisions, all my choices, and all my actions – they will come from a heart and mind that first asks, “How would God feel about this?”  and “How does this stand up against my moral convictions?”  It means I’m dedicated.

I don’t want to be JUST saved. I want to live for God every hour, every moment, every second of my life. I want to serve Him, love Him, believe in Him, and seek Him.  And I want to love others, serve others, and encourage others based on that same heart for the Lord.

I want to worship Him. And I want to obey Him.

For me, that means trying to live a life of integrity, honor, and morality. It means I am careful about what I watch, what I read, and what I listen to. It means I’m careful about where I go, who I hang out with, and how I speak. For I’m not simply saved – I’m trying to be “sold out” for God.

There is such a huge difference. I want the Holy Spirit with me always. I want to find favor with the Lord and have Him bless my life. 

I think I would miss out on so much by simply living life “saved” and yet not growing and pushing for a more vibrant, alive faith day in and day out. I could go the easy way of course. Yet, I choose to go the way of a deeper faith. A faith that pulls me, awes me, and blesses me. I choose to get as much out of living life for God as I possibly can instead of staying at an “entry level” pace all of my life.

Sometimes it hurts – being sold out for God. Sometimes He asks me to do things I just don’t want to do. I’ll be honest. It’s not always comfortable. But for me, it is safe. It is safe in the fact that I know I’m always trying to walk in His will instead of my own. It’s safe in the fact that I don’t try to incite His anger or wrath against me, and I enjoy my life on a much higher level because I know I live safely within the boundaries He’s set for me.

I AM saved. I’ve been saved for a long time now. But I’m also “sold out.” My heart, my dedication, and my lifeblood go to the One who gave it all for me. So now in return, I give my life to Him every day – by living it the best I can solely for His Name and Glory.

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M.D. Harness said...

Spot on, Dionna! Thanks for posting! ;)

MD. Harness