Monday, December 10, 2012

Count Your Blessings One By One

Recently, I’ve been convicted about how little I thank God for what He does in my life.  We ask and ask and ask Him for things. Over and over.  But when He comes through for us, we usually say ‘thanks’ one time. Maybe a couple if it’s something really big.

Then we forget. And we move on.

So I’ve been going back over in my mind during prayer times; all the things I can recall that God has specifically answered for me. And I just have a time of counting my blessings, listing them, and going before the Lord with a heart of thanks.

I’ll even give you an example of a few.

I thank God for moving a sexual offender that lived near us.

I thank God for His physical protection of my life and my kids – on numerous occasions.

I thank God for Him removing a toxic person from my life.

I thank Him for healing a health ailment.

I thank God for some of the blessings He’s given me. A house. Friend. My children. Husband.

I thank God for specific things He’s done in my life. Some were yesterday. Some last week. Some a few months ago. Some years. Whatever I can recall.  Most if not all – were specifically requests I made to Him.  And He answered me. He was resounding and clear.

I don’t want to forget all the blessings I have in my life. All the times that God has been gracious, merciful, and just plain lavished His love on me. Because He could.

I don’t want to take anything for granted. Not my health. Not people. Not my finances. Or my comforts. Nothing.

I’m trying to make this a new routine in my life. I personally like it. It helps me find more contentment in my heart. And it shows me and reminds me just how much God walks with me daily. How He listens.

And how He loves.

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