Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Need Things To Look Forward To

Hope.  It’s something we all need in our hearts and lives.  It doesn’t take a life threatening situation to occur to have the need for a little hope in your life.  In fact, the longer you live life in a sort of “rhythm” or “pattern – the more needed hope can be.

And what is hope anyways? It’s the idea of something coming. Something on the horizon to get excited about.  And we all need that!

I’ve found that some of my favorite days are the days where I have something to look forward to or get excited about. Whether it’s a holiday, a vacation, lunch with a friend, or finally a day to sleep in after weeks of running late and hard…having that “something” to look forward to creates an energy in my day. It helps me feel more positive about myself and my life. Simply by having something to look forward to!

When we go day in and day out doing the same things, expecting the same outcomes – it can be a little draining.  There is nothing new that enters our world and so we can become “blue.” We don’t even always see it coming – it’s just there before we know it and our spirits are down in the dumps. Especially if you are a parent, or an aging grandparent where you are used to a certain amount of ritual in your days, it can be even more crucial to find something to look forward to to get you moving and energized.

Whether it’s the impending visit of a grandchild or a date night – something “different” can be such a mood lifter!  I know that I even feel more motivated to do projects around the house when I have something that I can hope for and look forward to. When I don’t? It’s very hard to motivate myself. It’s hard to get excited about my day. It just is.

Everyone needs hope. Everyone needs something to look forward to because it’s good for you emotionally and it’s good for you physically because it helps get you moving in a way nothing else will.

If you don’t currently have anything on the horizon, create something! Invest yourself in a cause, a get together, or extend your own invitation.

A change in scenery and a change in your day does a world of good. But most of all – it’s inspiring. And who doesn’t need a dose of that in their lives?

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