Monday, December 24, 2012

I Had Such Big Plans

Our dreams and expectations for our lives can be so big. We were born to dream, weren’t we?

Life often rushes in to grab those dreams and it can feel at times as if we are being laughed at. 

It’s so easy to get our feelings hurt. To start doubting our vision and to wonder if “life” is in fact, right and we were wrong.

Are we special? Do we have what it takes? Are we worthy? Do dreams really come true?

I think the problem isn’t that we have big plans for ourselves but rather that our big plans fail to account for life’s realities along the way. Things that are unavoidable like important relationships, finances, and health.  We can’t simply abandon responsibilities and be completely selfish.

But we CAN still dream. We can dream lavishly.

Sometimes the execution of those dreams might have to be tempered a little (or a lot.) if we have children. If we are the sole supporter of our family. If.

We DO have what it takes if our big plans are God-given. And if they are God-given, it will be hard to set them aside or run away from them; for God’s agenda always wins.

Just keep in mind that in the process, YOUR plans may give way to HIS. And then the whole plan changes. At least the outcome. For it won’t be about you…but Him.

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