Monday, December 17, 2012

Writing Helps Me Process

I can’t speak for other writers. I don’t know what their daily disciplines are or how they get motivated to write what they write.  I think writers are about as individual as readers. People are unique in every way, shape, and form. Writers are no different.

I do know, that for me, writing helps me process life. It helps me process my faith, my feelings, and myself.  There is something inside of me that is fueled to get ‘it’ out on paper. To help others. To help myself.

It’s a driven thing. You can’t explain it to someone who doesn’t also know it. Feel it. It just is.

My fingers can fly across a keyboard as my heart does the talking. And in the process of it all, I can see things more clearly. Feel them more deeply. (Or less deeply as the case may be.) I can understand. And in the process of MY process, I hope to resonate with others. To let them see that they are not alone. That they are validated in their feelings and that there is hope.

A lot of times, I can’t speak about what I’m going to write about until I’ve written about it. Or the passion would fade. The process would get tainted in a way. It has to go from my heart straight to the written word. First. 

Other times, I can have something stirring in me for quite awhile. And it grows. And other thoughts join in with it and add to it. And then I can go to the paper as the once small thought or feeling has grown into a whole subject matter.

All in all – for me – my writing has to stay pure. I do my best writing when I have to run to the computer to get something out.

I believe it’s God.

For my thoughts in and of themselves are so basic. So raw. But He somehow uses it to become, at times, something beautiful. Something valuable.

No one may ever understand my love for writing. No one may ever find it valuable in terms of human cost or payment. But I believe the heart does. My heart and the hearts of those who resonate with my words. HIS words used through me.

And I will do it as long as He lets me. Being thankful for the processing He allows me to go through in the process.


Regina said...

AWESOME POST! I feel the same way. sometimes I have a thought and once I am done typing about it the post is uber long! I don't blog for money or for comments, I blog to get things off my chest and to let God work on me.
Blessings to you!

Dionna said...

Thanks, Regina! :)

Regina said...

You are very welcome!
Go to the Influenster page and create your profile. The next steps are explained on the page. Happy Blogging!

Blessings, Regina!