Monday, December 3, 2012

Hold Onto Me, Lord

Sometimes I get concerned about myself. I see choices that others close to me make and I know they are against God’s morals and values. I see how easy it is to make those choices for yourself. How the pull of things can be so strong. So present.

I’m not under any illusions that I’m immune to falling. I don’t pretend that in a moment, I couldn’t easily make a decision that would screw up my life or everything I’ve worked so hard to build. 

I do the best I can to create boundaries in my life. To have safeguards and to stay in God’s will. But life happens. I think most people who have had someone close to them stray away from the Lord would say, “I never thought they would be the ones to do that.”

I have prayed for myself, as well as those I love. I’ve asked God to hold onto me. I’ve asked Him to “not let me go.” It’s one of the strongest ways I know how to ensure that when a day or moment comes and I think about doing something that I KNOW I don’t believe in – that God will answer my prayer and protect me – from myself.

I ask God to hold onto my children. To not let them out of His grip. To me, that is more powerful than asking for other things (which I do ask for, as well.) But the most important thing to me is that they are not lost to the world.

Are you concerned for yourself? For your loved ones? Have you tried asking God to hold onto you – at all costs? Jesus is the One who loves you more than anything and there may come a day when you are using less than the wisdom and discernment that He’s given you. Safeguard yourself and pray for yourself now. So that when that moment comes – God can answer your prayer and protect you…from your own foolish choices.

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