Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Happened To Blog Link Lists?

I like to travel around and visit new blogs from time to time. It’s how I get to know new people and find great new spots to revisit and read.

Lately, when I travel to blogs, I find that most of them don’t have a sidebar link list anymore.  A few years ago, almost every blog carried a list of other blogs they read and linked to. I loved it. If I found a blog I liked, I’d peruse the list, bookmark a few new ones and stop back by. It was a great “recommendation” tool.

I miss seeing those.

Most blogs don’t list other blogs anymore.  Oh yes, some have the “badge” of a blog or two they follow – but the blog link list? It’s becoming extinct. I’m not sure why that is. Is it because we were trying to clean up our site and they got too cluttered? Is it because it felt like it was too much too maintain and keep up? Or….did we stop visiting other blogs?

It almost seems to me like communication between bloggers has diminished. The interaction has faded somewhat. And I miss that too.

I keep a blog link list. I keep it for myself and no one else – although if you find a great blog on my list, I’m happy to send you there.  But I keep it so I can easily access my favorite blogs to read and visit. Blogs that inspire and motivate me. Bloggers, whom I admire.

I change up my blog list here and there. For me, it’s not hard to do. I just visit a blog on there that I haven’t visited in awhile and see if their content still engages me. If not, or if they have stopped blogging frequently – I delete them. It makes room for me to always add new bloggers, for I’m always open to finding great new reads….and new friends. 

The internet has become such an easy tool at our fingertips. I hope that we don’t step away from the fact that we can still connect with one another. It’s still valued and it’s still needed.

Blogging isn’t just about views, hits, or branding
. It’s about people. It’s about relationships. 

I pray the relationship-building that used to occur online between bloggers doesn’t disappear like the blog listing has. I hope we don’t get so focused on promoting ourselves that we forget to build and engage others out there too.  For there are many women out there who may be just the friend we needed to meet.

And I think there is room for everyone.


enthusiastically, dawn said...

I love to see blog lists! I love the relationships I have with with my Blogging sisters, although I find it has developed more through commenting on others blogs than any other way. I always try to portion out some time each week to visit and comment at others places. I am grateful for those who do the same regularly and sporadically at my place!

Dionna said...

That's great, Dawn! Ironically, I still think it's not as easy to develop relationships through comments as it used to be. I just don't find that a lot of bloggers respond or return a visit. :( So sad.