Friday, January 18, 2013

When You Just Want To Yell At Life

There are days when you just want to yell at life. You want to yell at people.  When you see someone diagnosed with an illness and all of a sudden everyone comes out of the woodwork to help and love on that person. You want to yell… “Where were you last month? Why didn’t you love on this person when they were well?”

You decide to move and all of a sudden everyone acts like you will be sorely missed and they are devastated – yet  you felt so ignored before.

Your child is taken advantage of – again. Because they have a kind heart and people use it.

You just want to yell. Yes?  I know I do at times! I just want to yell at life for not showing up when it should have.

To read the rest - please go here.... as I'm guest posting over at Laurie Wallin's blog today.

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