Thursday, January 10, 2013

Faith and Fashion

I try to be fashionable. Not expensive fashionable. I am a stay at home mom afterall. But trendy fashionable.  I like to shop and I like new clothes, if I’m honest.

Sometimes people don’t view me as a lover of shopping and fashion. I don’t think it’s because of how I look – but rather, how I portray my love for it.  Let me explain.

I am very frugal. I have this dollar amount that I’ve hidden in my heart that I try to never go over when I’m shopping for clothes. This goes for me and for my family, if I’m shopping for them. It’s $15. I rarely purchase clothes that are over $15.

And I think my kids and their friends would still consider me fairly trendy.

How do I do it? I shop deals and sales. It’s as simple as that.

I have a few stores that I stop in pretty regularly because I know they have sales more frequently. But I also visit all kinds and types of retail stores because you never know when you will hit upon an amazing sale.

My faith means everything to me. And it doesn’t stop when it comes to my views on fashion and shopping.  To me, a Proverbs 31 lady is wise with her money. She doesn’t throw it around wastefully. And to be honest, I don’t have a lot of excess money to throw around! I’m raising two daughters who also love fashion and shopping, so we have to be intentional and wise as we shop. We have to spread our money out between the three of us when buying clothes, makeup, and accessories.

My faith also plays a big part in WHAT fashion is purchased. I like to stay fairly trendy even though I’m 41 –but there are certain things that I won’t purchase because of my faith in God. I won’t wear low cut blouses or shirts unless I can wear a tank top or something else underneath them. I won’t wear short shorts.  But also at 41, no one wants to see me in short shorts!!  I won’t shop at Abercrombie and Fitch because I don’t like their advertising campaign. 

It’s my faith blended in with my life. It plays a big role in my fashion. My faith isn’t put up on a shelf only for Sundays or when I type on my blog. It’s infused in my life.

How does your faith affect how you shop? How does it impact how fashionable you are or aren’t? You know, I don’t believe that God places this great emphasis on fashion. But I also see that I am His representative. I am proud of that and I want to represent Him well. That means trying to be well dressed and maintain a good image.

So yes, I do love to shop and I do love fashion. Even though I’m very frugal and try to be wise.  That’s just a part of who I am. Because I love my God and He affects everything I do.  Even my shopping.

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