Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sometimes Your Walk Becomes a Crawl

Living life as a believer certainly isn’t always easy.

There are times in life where life really gives you a beating. As a Christian, it’s easy to feel like you shouldn’t doubt God in those times or you shouldn’t do this or that. If you do experience certain feelings, you can easily feel guilty or beat yourself up on top of the beating that you feel life already gave you.  It can become an unhealthy cycle.

Faith isn’t always easy. 

I think I’ve forgotten at times, that not just life is a struggle….but my faith life can also be a struggle.  I don’t always have the answers I search for. I’m not always kept safe or protected. Sometimes I’m out there – vulnerable. The wind hits me hard and the storm batters me. I’d long to be in where it’s dry, cozy, and protected but I can’t run there when I long to. I have to take the hits for a while and that can hurt.

I know my God is wise and trustworthy. But just knowing that doesn’t always mean I will understand His ways or even agree with them. I want to live life safe. Protected. Blessed. I want God to find favor with me.

I don’t want to make mistakes. Get hurt. Have to learn lessons the hard way. Be mistreated, overlooked, abused, or forgotten. No – those things aren’t on my agenda. Yet, they happen.

I find that I have to hold on to who I know my God to be very tightly during these times. I have to remain committed to His truths despite what the world may be shouting at me. I have to lean into Him – hard.

The Christian life isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes, yes, it can be a glorious run with the sun shining down on us and favors and blessings being bestowed on our lives. We can have miracles and touching answers to prayers. Other times, it is a steady walk. Things happen more slowly but we continue to grow in Him as we see and experience all kinds of things.

 Sometimes our Christian life is but a crawl. We are on our knees and are barely moving forward one hand and leg at a time as we hold on with every breath in us to our faith. When we are in those times, it’s okay to not be ministering to others. It’s okay that we are struggling to find blessings. For it’s enough that we are holding onto Him.

We WILL grow. We WILL get stronger as we crawl through those challenging times. We just need to hang in there and believe that the sun WILL shine again after the storm we are going through passes.

There will come a time where you once again feel like you can walk or even run as a believer and child of God. But for today, if all you feel like is you can simply crawl – then so be it. Crawl away. God is right there with you waiting till you can once again stand and He won’t leave your side.

I promise.

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