Monday, February 11, 2013

If We Don't Test Our Faith....

It’s easy to go through life saying we believe in God. But how often do we put our faith to the test? Are we ready to risk our faith in the quest to truly SEE our God? To know that He is faithful, that He is ready to respond to us, or that He longs to be close to us?

It can be scary.

It’s scary to put our faith out there because we fear that it will – gasp – fail us. We fear that there will be silence. That there will be a big NO as an answer.

I think even deeper still; we fear we don’t deserve things.

It’s one thing to say we believe there is a God. It’s another thing altogether to say we BELIEVE God. Do we actually believe that He is enthralled by our beauty? Do we believe that He truly fights for us? Do we know that God will strengthen us during those tough times in life?

When we put our hands around our own life – we keep all the control for ourselves. We leave no room for God to work. To love on us. To delight us. To mystify us enough to get us seeking more of Him.

If we don’t throw our faith out there and say, “Okay God – I will TRUST you on this…” well – we don’t grow. We don’t SEE. We don’t feel His glory work on our behalf. Oh what a loss!

Believing in a God isn’t enough. We need to believe IN our God and we need to exercise our faith. Daily.


Steve Finnell said...

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Eve said...

Thank you for this. I am in a season where I think my faith is being tested. You words just encouraged me.

Thank you!

Dionna said...

Eve - I love hearing how a post hits someone on just the day and at just the right time when they need it most. I am so glad that you felt encouraged and I hope that encouragement can carry you for awhile as you walk through this test. Hang in there.