Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

I feel very strongly about honesty. I don’t have much tolerance for lying or deceit in others.

I try to be extremely honest. Not in a rude way – but just in keeping my heart pure and above board in what I say, how I act, and what I do.

Sometimes though, without realizing it initially – I can become a liar. To myself.

As we all can.

I think we fail to analyze our own motives and heart’s intent when situations become deeply personal or passionate for us. We can easily lead ourselves astray simply because of our own pride.  And we lie to ourselves about our actions and intent.

It’s much easier to objectively see when someone else is lying to themselves than it is to turn that mirror onto ourselves. Sometimes it takes us years and many things in hindsight to realize what we have done and where we have gone wrong.

We can be our own worst enemy. And we can sabotage our own lives without meaning to or even wanting to.  All because of pride.

We are going to be hurt deeply at times in life. It’s a fact. We are going to feel strongly about things in life. We are going to have desires and dreams and not want to go in certain directions even if that is where God may want us.  We need to be ever so careful to not lie to ourselves about why we are heading in a certain direction.  We can label it whatever we want to, but the truth usually hangs out there for others to see even if we ourselves can’t yet see it!

We can do ourselves a huge favor and save ourselves years of unnecessary pain and frustration if we can be able to analyze our own mind and heart on a regular basis to make sure we are remaining humble, honest, and teachable. It’s not easy to admit we may be wrong, but we have to always keep that option open so that we are ready to get back on the right path if we’ve strayed onto the wrong one.

I hate lying. It pains me even more to think that some of my heartaches could have been avoided if I would have simply listened to wise people around me or brought my intentions before the Lord so that He could show me where I needed realignment.

There are enough enemies in life without it being ourselves.

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