Monday, February 4, 2013

One Day It Will Be Our Turn

One day it will be our turn. Our turn to have our name called.

We go through most of our lives watching things happen to those around us. Someone is in a car accident. Someone gets cancer. Someone gets Alzheimer’s. Another person perishes unexpectedly from a heart attack. Still another from a stroke or aneurism. Blood cots that happen quickly. Meningitis that came from nowhere.  Murder. Plane crashes. Mulitple Sclerosis. Things you would never dream of.

They happen. And they happen to those we love. Those who are dear to us.

Yet for some reason, every time we have to go in to the doctor for that breast cancer scare or some other reason that puts fear into our hearts – those around us tell us, “Everything will be okay. You’ll probably be just fine.”

But there is always that someone that will not be fine. Today will not be their day.

It will be their turn to hear the news. Their turn to have their name called with scary news.

We are fooling ourselves if we think it will never be us. For we all die. One way or another.

The bigger question is, what will we do when it’s our turn? When we get THAT news? How will we handle it. Do we have the peace that surpasses understanding that lives in our hearts?  Do we have a deeper faith that won’t leave us completely shaken? Or will we fall apart?

Our day WILL come.  Our name WILL be called. Even if it doesn’t end up to be in a doctor’s office or on a highway somewhere, God will call our names at the door of heaven. Will we be ready to account for all we’ve done and said? Or thought? Will we be ready to look Him in the face?

I pray so.

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