Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's All This Angst About?

I’ve noticed that many of my columns and blogs are about life’s deeper moments. They seem to have a theme – a focus on getting through hard things, seeking God through confusion and stress, or what to do when hurts come. And oh how they come!

Some might think my life is one tragedy after another.

And although my life has had its fair share of spiritual warfare, challenges, hurts, and trials – I am not always holding my hand to my chest trying to breathe myself through each day.

Thank goodness.

I actually feel very blessed. God has given me so many blessings in my life. So many undeserved graces and mercies. He has been faithful to me and I’ve celebrated Him and proclaimed joy out loud many times and in many ways.

So – what’s all the angst about in a lot of my posts? Well, the thing is, I think sometimes when we are most passionate about something – that is when our emotions come tumbling out. So it’s natural to write more often when God is showing us things through the tough circumstances in life. It’s kind of like how you remember the criticism more than the praise.  The lessons are often found more when we feel pain. Thus – the words are written in those moments of time.

I do feel angst. I do feel heartache. I cry and I doubt. I get discouraged and depressed. But I also laugh. I smile. I dance in joy (literally) and I close my eyes or get on my knees in thanks.

Life  - my life – has many ups and downs.  But it’s often the downs that God draws so close to me and teaches me things that I normally wouldn’t listen to, except that He has my total attention through the hurting moments.

That’s when I choose to write it down so we can all learn. All grow. And all find our smiles again.

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