Friday, November 1, 2013

Why Would God Not Part The Seas For Me?

Some things seem so impossible. So “it won’t happen for me.”

Some things, some dreams, just feel so far off.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt like we will never have a boyfriend. Never get married. Never have a child. Never get that good paying job. Never find a church. Never have a friend.

The “never’s” go on and on. Different situations but the same feelings of “never.”

The things is, they will. And they do. That boyfriend DOES come around. That new house IS purchased. That baby DOES arrive.

And in those moments, we feel blessed. We praise God.  We see Him in hindsight as the details unfold before our eyes. And we understand.

But we need to believe as it’s happening. Not just when it’s ending. We know and we understand when all is said and done. But we need to know and believe as well, when it’s not.

We need to believe in God’s faithfulness. In His deep love for us.

Why would God not part the seas for me? Why would He not send the rescuers? What reason could there be, for God to not make the walls of my Jericho tumble before me?

There is none. No reason.

He can. He wants to.

He wants to part the seas for us. He wants us to call on Him. In belief.

Let’s do it BEFORE the “never” actually comes to pass. For even though it’s great to praise Him when our prayers are answered, it’s even greater to believe Him fearing they won’t.

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