Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shopping Comparisons From Idaho to Texas

So I’m still a ‘newbie’ to this great state of Texas. But I’ve been struggling at the grocery stores so far. Not only am I not familiar with the layouts of new-to-me stores, but they have different products than I’m used to!

For one thing – I’ve yet to find Gallo Salami, Nalley Pickles, or Red Vines (my husband’s personal favorite) here in Texas. I’ve been to four stores and haven’t seen them anywhere. So I’m having to try out different products to find suitable replacements.

Sub sandwiches. Our family loves to eat sandwiches on the submarine/deli type rolls. In Idaho, I’d commonly buy them anywhere from $1.50 to $1.98. Here in Texas they are usually $2.39 to $2.98!! Not only that, they don’t have several different kinds. Like you know, you go to the bread aisle and can choose your brand and style? In sub rolls they usually only have one kind. So I’m stuck with the price. Texans must not be big on eating sub sandwiches!

Their produce departments seem to be big. I’m almost lost in them. I love the selection of tomatoes. They always seem to have both small and big as well as yellow tomatoes (my personal favorite.)

And because of the warmer temps here in Texas, they are still selling flowers! I know my friends are starting to shiver back in Idaho so I know flowers are gone from the stores there and we usually didn’t see them again until spring except your Christmas poinsettia special.

You want beans? They have all kinds and styles of beans. Tons of sauces, rubs, and seasonings.

Cheese seems to be higher priced and not as much selection in the 2lb chunks. Milk is higher too. But gas to get to the store! Tons cheaper!! We are loving the gas prices here.

As for driving around town. I seem to see a Walgreens and a CVS on every corner. (Feels that way.) And Chase bank is huge too. Gas stations are much harder to find and aren’t as common as back in Idaho where you could find THEM on every corner!

I’ve only seen one Taco Bell (not that I was a huge fan.) Taco Cabanas are everywhere and Whataburger. I’ve yet to try either of them.

Strip malls also seem to be hugely popular here. Except I rarely need them. I’d love to find more “fun” fare at them but usually they have a nail salon, dentist, hair place, some kind of insurance place, things like that.

These things aren’t bad. Just different. That’s why it’s Texas and not Idaho! But I do miss some of my favorite foods. I know over time, I will get used to the layouts of the stores and how I can’t just go up one aisle and down the other but aisles are all here and there laid out in odd ways.

And I know I will get used to my food condensating quickly in the cart if I buy something cold and I hang out in the store for awhile or it sits out on my counter for awhile. I will remember over time, to put it in the fridge quickly.

I know I will get used to the “turnarounds.” I will have fun trying new restaurants and new products.

But I don’t think I’m going to get my husband to switch from Red Vines to Twizzlers. I just don’t see it happening. And for the time being, Nalley baby dill pickles are still my favorite.

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