Saturday, November 30, 2013

Taking The Chance To Reveal Your Heart

Do we hide from each other? Do we tuck away our hurts, sorrows, and true feelings in order to “pose” with one another?

I think we do.

How many times has someone asked “How are you?” and you reply with…” Fine?”  But are you fine? Really? Or is your heart burdened over your marriage? Do you struggle with your children? Can you handle the emotional toll that that “issue” has been putting on your life?

We like to act like we have it all together because we fear being accepted by others.
We act like we are always happy. Together.  Successful. Even with those who think they are closest to us. It takes a lot for us to be vulnerable because then we feel exposed and exposure means….well it COULD mean rejection. And that scares all of us to our toes.

I think this is why we are often surprised when our friend’s marriage falls apart and we had no idea. Or that other friend took his life. We had no idea. It seemed so unlike them. We are stunned.

It’s because we didn’t know what was really going on in their heart. 

Maybe it’s our fault. Maybe it’s theirs. But either way – it’s getting easier and easier to not address REAL issues with each other. And it’s dangerous.

We only get one life. One life to live to the best of our ability. One life to love others. One life to make a difference. One life to BE REAL WITH.

Maybe it’s time we look at how often we get deep with those we call “friends.” Or how often we go beneath the surface with our family members?

The world has enough posers. We should be different. Authentic. Genuine. Real.

That means being flawed. And exposed.

Are you willing? Are you willing to risk rejection in order to be there for someone else? Are you willing to risk rejection in order to get the support you need FROM someone else?

No one should bear their burdens alone
. No one has it all together. Risk it. Your life is worth the chance.

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