Monday, November 4, 2013

The Unpopular Opinion

Our voices. I think sometimes we forget that there is power in a voice. We forget that we have a duty and a right to stand up for injustices in life. We grow afraid.

What is happening to our world?

It seems to me that we’ve gotten to a point where we’d much rather stay quiet and keep our opinions to ourselves, than voice them on “hot” subjects or topics because of our fear of being laughed at, or ostracized.

I wonder if Abe Lincoln had those fears? Martin Luther King? Or was their belief in human rights and dignity stronger? Did they know they had to fight for what was right regardless of whether or not the masses approved?

Sometimes we have to just simply do the right thing – SAY the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. You can break it down as simply as that.

As children of God, we have a duty to speak up and to get involved if the situation calls for it. We are warriors. GOD’S warriors. We aren’t here to protect our image and grow popular. We are here to fight for a kingdom. GOD’S kingdom.

I think we’ve forgotten that.

It’s easier to be liked. Welcomed. Adored. Accepted. It’s easier to fit in.

The only way we’d ever want to stand out is if it’s in a good way and everyone else wants to be like us. We certainly don’t want to stand out because our opinion or voice doesn’t match everyone else’s!

We are too quiet. Too accepting of compromise, apathy, injustice, and moral depravity. We look at it as “them” and simply remove ourselves from the equation. But we ARE part of the equation. This is OUR society. Not THEIR society. This is OUR world. We live in it. And if we think the political, moral, and social decisions that are made won’t ever affect us we are sadly mistaken.

We have a voice. We need to stand up for the unborn children who are killed. We need to make our voices heard on behalf of all of the Christians being massacred, kidnapped, brutalized, and killed for their faith. We need to speak up about God’s stance and view on marriage and purity. We need to reach out and take care of the widows and the orphans. Not just across the world – but our own people in our own churches.

We need to. We have to. Don’t you want to? Is your heart stirred? Is it broken for what breaks God’s?

Why do we believe in a God…in a faith that we aren’t willing to take a stand for? I’m sure Queen Esther was challenged with that question when she had to risk her position, image, and LIFE for her people.

I’d like to see God come through and show His glory like He did for Esther because I stood for what was morally right and true. Wouldn’t you? But in order to do that, we must first speak up.

And use the voice that He has given us.

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