Sunday, January 31, 2016

Getting Over Insecurities

Insecurities can often sabotage our lives.  Our relationships are going well, things are going well, etc and we shoot ourselves in the foot by allowing our own insecurities to grow out of control and ruin something.

How do you stop this from happening?

I have concluded that there are 3 ways to overcome insecurities in your life.

1.     Accept it.

2.     Improve it.

3.     Replace it with something healthier, or better.

If we can accept whatever it is that is making us insecure, oftentimes it loses its hold and power over us. Especially if it has to do with something personally, like our appearance, a character trait, something we’re not gifted at, etc. This acceptance helps us come to terms with our limitations in a way that says, ‘I am who I am, and I’m going to love myself this way.”

We can improve areas of insecurity in our life. If you want to become better at something so you don’t feel so inadequate, you can become more confident. You may not become an expert or a professional, but you can learn to master something that once mastered you. There is always room for growth in our lives!

We can replace our insecurities with healthier, more loving options. Whether it’s friends who make us feel unlovable, or something else, we can remove that negative influence in our lives – replacing it with a more positive, comfortable, and loving one.

Everyone’s areas of insecurities are different. But we ALL have insecurities. We need to learn to surround ourselves with people who love us as we are – flaws, failures, and all. When we have loving people in our lives, we are able to grow more confident in who we are.

Only we can decide what to do with our areas of insecurity.  Only we can decide if we will allow them to hold us back from having a full and enjoyable life. If we can learn to let life be imperfect, and let ourselves be imperfect – a lot of our insecurities will melt away.  Others, may only improve with time, perspective, and maturity.  But we never just have to sit back and let them rule over us. We have choices.  So, what’s yours? Will you let your insecurity rule over you today? Or will you decide to accept that area in your life, improve it, or replace it?

Most insecurities come from internal struggles over our worth. Discover your worth and your value. Let yourself love and be loved. And choose to overcome those little monsters who laughingly try to make you feel small inside.

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