Friday, January 22, 2016

To Get a "God-focus," Sometimes, We Just Need to Look UP

It is so easy to get caught up in our lives. We focus on what is going on with me, what is going on around us, and we get this vision that never sees outside of its own circle of life.

Its kind of like a kaleidoscope. We only see the same colors of our lives, over and over again. Sometimes in different doses or orders – but the same colors.

I catch myself, sometimes. I catch myself getting stuck in a routine, or being immersed in my own thoughts. I remind myself that I need fresh perspective.

In these moments, I look up.  For me, when I do this, my perspective on life and what was currently tumbling around in my head, usually shifts with clarity. I feel calmer. I feel more focused.  I see things through a different lense instead of that same kaleidoscope of colors. All because I took a few minutes to look up and see things from Gods perspective instead of just my own.  My thoughts turn to Him, instead of keeping them on myself. I feel HIS presence and His strength.

When I look up, I long to be with my Lord. To talk to Him. To hug Him. To see His eyes land on me and look on me with gentleness – knowing Im struggling to do my best for Him here. to BE my best for Him here.

Oh how often we keep our eyes looking down, instead of lifting them up! We are consumed with what is going on in our own little world. We keep our eyes down on our problems, our surroundings, and ourselves. That focus is on what is temporal here on earth – instead of what is eternal – up there in Heaven.

All it takes is a second. One second to turn our gazes upwards to the skies and the heavens. To be reminded. To be restored. All it takes is that simple effort on our parts, to get a God-focus on what is going on in our lives. To get the direction and inspiration our hearts long for.

We dont have to stay buried in our list of to-dos, or anything else in our lives. We can get clarity and peace. We just need to look up.

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