Friday, January 15, 2016

Relationships Need Room To Breathe

Relationships. They add such lifeblood to our lives. The laughter and tears that we share with those close to us…. Bonds us forever.

The thing is, we make relationships tricky, when they shouldn’t be. We place expectations on others that are impossible to be met. We pressure those we love to react, adhere, and BE, how we think they should be. We smother. We judge.

Oh, what a mess.

If we could only relax.

Just because we ask someone a question, it doesn’t mean they are obligated to answer.

Just because we have expectations of someone, doesn’t mean they have to fill them.

And just because we love a certain way, doesn’t mean someone else has to love a certain way.

Everyone is different. Some people need more room and space to live life, than others do. Some people need to talk everything out. The dynamics are fascinating when you put different personalities and character traits into one friendship, one marriage, or one family.

Relationships need room to breathe. People need space to be different than you or I. They need to be given the freedom to think differently than we do, love differently, and respond to life’s events – DIFFERENTLY.

We need to respect that. Or we will never understand others; and they won’t ever understand us.

We can choke and smother others to death in the quest to be and act how we think they should, OR, we can give them the room and freedom to live life freely on their own terms, while loving them from where we stand. One choice brings much more joy into a relationship than the other!

Let’s just love each other and enjoy each other when we’re together. When we talk. Let’s not beat each other up over what or how something isn’t done. There is enough pressure and stress in life without us putting it on each other.

Don’t you think?

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