Wednesday, August 24, 2016

He Holds Me Together

He holds me together. My God.

I am SO thankful for that.

I certainly don’t have it all together. In fact, I’m flying by the seat of my pants most of the time. I don’t have this thing called life all figured out. The only thing I know is what I believe, and who I believe IN. The rest? I maneuver and walk the path – discovering what I’m made of, as I go along the road.

And He holds me together as I go.

When I feel all alone, He gives me an inner fire that ignites my way. It keeps me burning enough to never quit or give up.  It’s something I’ve always had. Drive.

I weep at times. I hurt like the next person. I cry out in anguish over misunderstandings, unfair judgments, and the lack of appreciation.

I get angry at times over apathy, laziness, and self-centeredness.

I act foolish at times. Wanting more attention than I deserve. Saying things I regret.

And sometimes? Sometimes, I’m actually proud of myself. I think I’ve conquered something. I feel brave. Beautiful.

But the rest of the times… I live in the moment. And in a moment I may feel weak or I may feel strong. I may feel pretty or ugly. I may feel like a great mom, or an awful one.

I discover who I am through my ups and downs. And He holds me together. He weaves and molds me through all my “moments” of life.

He LOVES me.

His hands never let me completely fall. I may stumble, trip, or stutter – but He’s always there to catch me and tilt me upright again so that I can look at what has happened… and hopefully learn from it.

He IS so real. I feel Him with me and I rely on Him.

I never want to walk the path of life without Him by my side.

I get broken at times, but I never stay that way, thanks to Him. He is my fire and my fuel.

And He holds me together as I go.


Kalin said...

Such a sweet and heartfelt post!

Dionna said...

Thank you, Kalin.