Monday, April 30, 2018

Just Open the Door

So many times I’ve wanted to move forward in my life, when all I felt like God was telling me, was that I needed to stay put. 

I’ve also experienced God prompting me to go somewhere else in my life, when all I’ve wanted to do, was to stay rooted where I was!

This way - or that way? Here, or there? Go, or stay?

These choices and crossroads in life, often stretch us. 

It can be hard to know what the right thing to do is, when you look back in hindsight and see that God knew better than you, on so many prior occasions.  He’s done it with many of my dreams, wishes, and desires. It can become so easy to doubt your own heart, and question whether or not God is the One leading it.

So what do you do? 

What do you do if you feel like you’re at a crossroads in a certain area of your life? 

What do you do if you don’t know whether to stay at your job or find a new one? 

What do you do when you’re not sure if you’re supposed to stick it out in your home state, or move on to a different one?

Just open the door.

When you’re not sure what the right thing to do is – open the door and ask God for His opinion. Start praying and seeing what He brings to you. Start thinking about the possibilities, even looking into them a bit, and see what God does with that. 

Just open the door. 

I’ve found that when I do this, when I don’t rush into anything but I’m patient, and slowly start doing some research, seeking Godly wisdom from others, praying, and gently stepping forward in a certain direction; that God often shows me what it is that He wants from me. It’s not always what I want for myself, but in the journey – it’s amazing how He can transform my heart and mold it into one that ends up feeling at peace for what He has in mind for my life.

But you have to open the door first.

If you don’t open the door and start asking those questions, how will you ever know how God answered you? 

Opening the door and simply opening your mind and heart, allows God to flood you with His options. It allows Him to truly work not only IN you, but around you. And that can be such an amazing and fun experience to be a part of.

We all hit spots in life where we’re just not sure whether to turn left on the road, right, go straight, or sit down for awhile. It can be perplexing, frustrating, and stressful trying to make sure you don’t screw up and that you make the RIGHT decision. 

The thing is, if it’s the wrong way and you’re seeking God’s will – He’ll let you know and He’ll block you from going down that road.  Or, He’ll reroute you at some point.  He is so good at working His will in our lives, whether or not we cooperate!

So, open that door. Step through it confidently - but humbly. And let God walk through it with you, as He directs your steps and shows you what He has for you, on the other side.

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