Monday, April 9, 2018

They Are JUST Words

Words. We use them all day long. And how we use them, really impacts other people. We can carelessly throw them around, or use them in such a way, as to really influence and encourage someone else’s life.

“I will pray for you.”

“I MEANT to call you.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“I believe in you.”

“I’m here for you.”

“I understand.”

“That’s too bad.”

Words can be be shifted to mean something very meaningful, or to lack any kind of meaning at all.

We utter words. We write them down, or type them out. We use them on the phone and in person. And yet, our words are hollow if we don’t actually follow through with some kind of action.

People get tired of hearing — merely - words.

I sure do.

I get tired of hearing someone say, “I’m thinking of you.” Yes, it’s so nice to be thought of. But when given by the same person year after year? I’d much rather them actually write me, or visit me - than JUST think of me. Thinking of me doesn’t do anything for my life. It doesn’t do anything for my heart and soul.

“I’m sorry.” This can actually mean the world. But it can also ring so empty, if given time after time without any kind of comforting or supporting action behind it.

What kinds of words do you use? And how often? Do you mean them? Do you throw them to the wind to absolve yourself from getting involved in someone else’s life? In their day?

Words are a powerful reflection of who we are. Uttered carelessly, or given wisely, they are remembered by others, long after we say them. They are stored up in someone else’s heart - even if we, have forgotten all about them.

Don’t let your words be JUST words. Don’t let them get to a point where they mean nothing to someone else. Do something about what you say. Let your words MEAN something, by investing your time behind them.

Then, your words will mean everything. 

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