Monday, April 23, 2018

Second Chances

Those who are our leaders are held to a higher standard. It just goes with the territory. We expect them to lead honorable lives, have integrity, and be above moral reproach.

That’s a good leader.

HOWEVER, they are human. And even though I have these expectations for those I follow and admire, I also understand that they aren’t perfect. I want my leaders and teachers to try and lead a straightforward life; but I also need to give them grace and mercy when – heaven forbid – they fall.

We can be so merciless. We can be so hard on people when their mistakes and mess-ups come to light. Repeated wayward choices indicate an unyielding and unrepentant heart. I understand that. But what if it’s one huge mistake and they are deeply sorrowful? What if they truly have been brought to their knees?

Can we forgive? Can we move past it? And most of all, can we let them lead again?

We should. And here’s why…..

We ALL make mistakes. We ALL have made bad choices. None of us is perfect. And who, amongst us, hasn’t wanted some grace and mercy given when we try to better ourselves and move past a huge error in our lives?

We crucify one another so brutally. 

I do believe there should be consequences for our choices. If we break the law, hurt our families, or whatever it is, there will be fall-out and a price to pay for what we’ve done. We need to be held accountable EVEN if we’re terribly sorry. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t regroup, learn from our mistake, grow, and become a more humble leader and teacher, because of it.

I would much rather listen to someone who has felt deep pain and sorrow, than someone who has no need for empathy.

I would much rather follow someone who fell from an honorable place of leadership due to immoral behavior (and has since truly repented), than someone who is legalistic and has no need for grace.

Humility is admirable. It’s approachable. It’s authentic.

Yes, I would love it if most of the leaders I admire, were able to stay on the moral, honorable path in life. But I also love it more, when they can be open about their flaws and their inadequacies in life. Because it helps me feel more normal. It reminds me that we are all struggling in this thing called life. And it eliminates the need to try and be perfect.

Grace. Mercy.  Forgiveness.

We need to be able to give people second chances, because some day, we ourselves, might need one.


Nike Chillemi said...

I so agree. After the sorry, the consequences, and the turnaround, I agree there must be forgiveness. We're so brutal on each other.

Dionna said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nike. And for your comment.