Monday, April 16, 2018

When We Look At Ourselves Harshly

I love French fries. I love chips.  There’s nothing wrong with that. Except now, I’m in my middle 40’s and my body is starting to show others how MUCH I love French fries and potato chips.

It’s starting to show how my days are spent more on the computer doing work, than out exercising.

It’s a shift for me.

I used to be very tiny. And I took it for granted.

I’ve never been the best at decorating.

I hate to cook (even though I’ve done it out of love for my family, for years).

I can be a huge dork.

This is me.

I AM middle aged now. It’s crazy to think about. But I have hindsight - and I have vision for the next 20 years, as I strive to do the best for myself I can.

With social media, it can be so easy to see where I fall short. 

I can look at old high school friends on facebook, and see how I have aged, compared with them.

I can see others’ beautifully decorated homes.

The list is endless.

But the blessing of being middle aged, is that it also comes with acceptance. For me, anyways.

I’m ready to give myself grace.

My body is one that shows how my cupboards have been full of snack foods for my kids and their friends. It shows how I’ve dedicated my time online, to give encouragement to others, and impact marriages and families in a real positive way.

My home shows that lots of love has been given here. People have been in and out of those front doors more times than I can count. So it looks a little like the “velveteen rabbit.”

It’s LOVED on.

And honestly? I’d rather have it no other way.

Am I going to give up trying to lose the extra pounds? No.

Am I going to abandon keeping my home pleas-able for those who enter it? No.

We are SO harsh on ourselves. So unforgiving!

We live in a world where comparison is in our face. And yet, we only clutch onto the comparisons where we fall short.

I am ready to love life more. Love myself more.

I am ready to say, “this body gave birth to two children and is no longer a 20 year old body.” And that’s ok. 

I am ready to be less than perfect - but more than free from expectations and standards.

I am ready to relax and truly embrace the life I’ve been given and who I am.

We look at ourselves pretty harshly.  How about we start looking at ourselves with a sense of self-love? How about we acknowledge what we’ve been through in life? Where we’ve been? What we’ve been given?

How about - we start loving ourselves?

I am so ready and motivated. I’m ready to forge forward with grace and mercy on myself.

I hope that for you, as well.

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