Monday, April 2, 2018

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

I think people forget that bumps in life are natural. We cannot get through life unscathed. If you are living and breathing – you are going to have hardships from time to time.

God says, “you will have hardships, AND MANY.” Yet, we act so surprised when those hardships fall on our shoulders.

I’m always impressed by how some people can keep a fantastic outlook and attitude, even though they are going through really tough stuff in life. 

It inspires me.

Conversely, when I see someone fall into a self-destructive pit over every thing that doesn’t go their way?  Well, …it ‘s depressing.  

Some things in life are really just “small” hiccups along our journey.  And it can be easy to lose our focus on that, but to instead, let them balloon into huge ordeals. 

I think “small” issues are those things that mess up your temporary plans or schedule. 

They are things that are hard to go through; but will be resolved in a few months’ time. 

They are issues, inconveniences, hardships, and yes – sometimes painful situations that when you are in your 80’s, you will look back on and see that “that was just a part of your life.” Another curve, detour, or pit stop that you took.

But thank goodness, they are ONLY small. And we need to remember that.

We stress about SO MUCH. Some things are worthy of being upset about. Some battles we need to take up and fight for. But some things? Some things we need to let go of, even if they are uncomfortable for us. 

For they are not worth the joy they take from our lives.

The next time something comes up in your life and you find your temperature rising over it – take a good look at what is going on and decide if it’s a big or a small thing. Not just a big or a small thing for today, but a bit or a small thing in the big picture of LIFE.

Some things are real bummers to go through – believe me, I know. But if you can put it into context knowing that there are larger things to worry about, it will help your attitude tremendously.

Take those bumps in life, in stride.  And remember, there are much bigger hills that you’ll have to worry about. 

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