Thursday, April 4, 2013

Love Is In Our Tears (I'm Guest Posting at Incourage Today!)

I’ve decided that tears are sometimes the best expression of the heart. Sometimes words don’t do the heart justice. But emotion always does the heart justice.

When a child is born and you hold them for the first time, sometimes no words will match what the tears coming down a face can show.  When your child gets married and the tears glisten in the corners of your eyes? Those tears speak volumes of the years of love your heart has devoted to the one who is walking down the aisle.

When your child is hurting and you are holding them in your arms trying to console them; they don’t always see the tears that slowly seep from your own eyes as you resonate in pain with them.

When a dearly loved grandparent passes away and you reach across their casket to give them one last lingering hug…. only tears  ....     (please read the rest of my post over at Incourage today. I'm so honored to be posting there. And join in on the conversation as numerous women are sharing their heart over the fact that they didn't know how to cry or have not felt free to cry. Is that you, as well? ) 

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