Sunday, April 14, 2013

What May Be Missing Is a Bit of Gentleness

I love gentleness. I am drawn to gentle people. I try to have a gentle heart.  But in a world that seems so cold and entitled….at times I long to find more gentleness.

I see and hear instruction, advice, and wisdom being passed on. But there seems to be a missing ingredient in the actual applying of so much of it. Gentleness.

When we confront someone about a sin – do we forget to do it in gentleness and love?

When we discipline our children or set boundaries, are they done in gentleness?

When someone asks us for wisdom and advice – do we come across as condemning them, or do we exhibit humility and gentleness?

Where is gentleness when we have to be patient and wait in a long line?

Where is gentleness when someone tells us their feelings are hurt?

Biblical knowledge is nothing without gentleness. For I feel gentleness was an integral part of the very nature and being of God.

How right we are in doing good, and being good, means nothing if we don’t do it with a heart of gentleness.

You see; gentleness shows the true condition of our heart. It shows whether or not we are willing to understand, forgive, and respect.

No one should be a pet owner unless they can be gentle with that pet.

No one should be a parent if they can’t be gentle as they correct, mold, and teach their child.

If people have a difference of opinion – it should be expressed with gentleness – not contempt.

Gentleness is a part of humanity. At least the humanity I was raised to know. And it’s one that I don’t want to lose.

There is no weakness in gentleness. No indifference. It’s strength, love, and humility at its finest.

Where is gentleness in your life? In your home? In your heart?

Is it a missing ingredient?

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