Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do You Know My Heart?

A long time ago, I was thrown into a difficult circumstance. It was a “he-said,” “she-said” kind of thing. It distressed me greatly. In part, because of the circumstance itself, but also because I hate it when people get me wrong.

I remember at the time really needing to hear my parents tell me that they agreed with me. I needed to hear the verbal words. I needed to know they understood my position and that they knew my heart.

Recently, someone dear to me has been going through another hard situation. I see her struggling with the same thing…being misunderstood.  I explained to her that anyone who really knows her heart, knows the truth.

You see, once you truly get to know someone, you know what they are capable of. So misunderstandings, misconstrued stories, and things you are told about someone can easily be filtered out, because you know their heart. You’ve seen inside of them and know what lives in them. You know what someone is or is not capable of.

It is so easy to vouch for someone’s character when you truly know their heart. It is easy to understand, support, and encourage someone when they are feeling beat up on by life, when you know their heart.

If someone took the time to get to know me, TRULY get to know me, they would never even question whether or not I would do or say certain things. They would KNOW.

So many things can turn messy and ugly so fast because of rumors, misunderstandings, and gossip.  If all we did was take a minute to think about what is being said and determine if that matches the heart and character of the person we knew – we could easily avoid a lot of pain on our part and a lot of unnecessary pain inflicted on an innocent person. Half truths, and stories that only tell one side can do so much damage.

We need to be careful.

Whether you are going through a falling out in a friendship, having a parent-child argument, a divorce, or an issue with your boss,  take a “pause” and a “time-out” and think about someone’s true colors. It is very easy to determine truth when you’ve taken the time to get to know someone’s heart.

Sometimes the answer may not be what we want to hear….but sometimes, it quickly brings everything into focus.

For the heart doesn’t lie.

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