Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dust Yourself Off

Rejected again.  Is that you? Do you feel like all your efforts fall on deaf ears…or cold hearts?  Do you wonder why you try?

There are a lot of hurting people walking our streets.  A lot of hearts have been burned, scorned, used, and abused.  I think a lot of people have given up on their dreams and on themselves.

We’ve lost our fight.

Is it because we’re afraid of getting hurt again? Is it because we don’t believe in ourselves anymore?

What if we give up on our dreams – what if we stop fighting – just before the point when everything changes? What if we’d held on for one more day. One more hour? What if we’d risked our hearts one – more – time???

I’m here to tell you to keep trying. Keep fighting for yourself and your dreams. Don’t give up on yourself. Dust yourself off and get back up on your feet again. Rub the bruises and start walking. Shake it off.

You can do this.

You CAN do this.

You CAN.

Someone out there will see the potential in you. Someone will believe in you. You just have to first believe in yourself.

Someone WILL love you. For you are loveable. You are special. You are unique. You are precious.

Dust yourself off. Believe in the unbelievable. Reach for the unreachable.

You have something to give. You are someone to love.

Please, dust yourself off. Keep trying. Don’t give up on yourself.

There is fight yet in you. 


Sara x said...

You are writing to the depths of my eart.

Dionna said...

I'm so glad you resonate with this post, Sara. Hopefully it has encouraged you.