Thursday, September 5, 2013

You Have to Make the Best Of It

When we are little kids, we are told we can be anything we want to be. When we grow up, we find out that’s not really true. We can’t be ANYTHING. Sometimes finances, health, location or other things get in the way of the dream.

Life is life. I think that’s what we should tell our kids. There are good and bad things about life. Hard and easy. Ups and downs. It’s all going to happen to us. It will all be a part of our story. And every story has curves in it.

I think it’s harder to adjust to changes in life when they are drastically different from our dream. It’s harder to be flexible and positive when life takes a left turn and we wanted it to go right. But it’s easier, if we can look at it all as an adventure. A ride. A part of our story.

We can fight against it every turn it takes, or we can make the best of it.

It’s attitude. It’s outlook. It’s emotions and dreams. All wrapped up together. And we have to decide to make a choice to find joy in our circumstances even if they aren’t what we’d prefer at the moment. There will be gifts to unwrap in those unplanned and undreamed moments….if we look for them.

If we can make the best of our pauses, stopovers, detours, and sidesteps in life – then maybe we somehow still tap into those dreams that we have for ourselves. Maybe we can ride through those “moments” and come out the other side into the wide-open space meant for us – instead of getting stuck in the detours and stopovers forever!

That’s what I’m choosing to believe.

Make the best of your today. For you never know what your tomorrow will bring.

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