Sunday, September 29, 2013

Putting It All On the Line

Three years ago. After 12 years of being in Idaho, I was done with the bitter, cold Winters. Ice, snow, fog, negative degree temps – I was done. DONE.

But there was something called the economy. And a house. The timing wasn’t right.

It took 3 years of talking, looking, dreaming.

We finally put our house up for sale in June and it sold in two weeks. We had a huge garage sale, sold some stuff on Craigs List, packed up, and moved into a tiny apartment – the four of us.

We continued to look and seek where God might have us go and He altered our plans a couple of times.

Then in August, my husband found out his company was laying people off for the 4th time in the 15 years he’d been there. Knowing we wanted to head out before winter of this year, he took one of the biggest risks of his life. He stepped forward to take the voluntary layoff with a severance package.

Yes. He quit his job.

And we found ourselves again. Packing up. Only this time, it wasn’t going to be just across town. It was going to be to a new life. A new state. New school. New home to live in. And hopefully, without too long of a wait, a new job.

We risked everything.

It was exciting. It was scary.

But what better way to exercise your faith than to trust God with all you have? To trust Him to provide a home, a job, a church, friends…a life?

That’s exactly what we did.  For we concluded it was better to try and fail, than never try at all and always wonder.

And we saw God amidst all the details.
Sometimes we may have walked blindly, but I don’t think we ever walked alone.

… be continued


Jen said...

better to try and fail than never try and wonder. how true are those words. how brave are those words. can't wait to hear more about your new journey!

Dionna said...

Thanks, Jen. :) Hugs.